Mar 24, 2011

Spring Cleaning, Fun Kitchen Cabinet Make-Over!

Spring time is such a great time of year! It's starting to warm up outside, but not too hot yet. This is also, the time of year that we attempt to get organized! Maybe some spring cleaning & finishing up some of your house project "To-Do's." Here's a quick & easy, Kitchen Cabinet Make-Over Ideas! Why not give yourself a whole wall of Chalkboard space!? With a couple of hours, and a small list of supplies, you can have a Custom Chalkboard, without a "custom" price tag!

  • TSP, or other gentle cleaner
  • Good Primer like Kilz
  • Edging Paint Brush
  • Paint Pan, liner & roller
  • Painters tape
  • Can of Chalkboard Paint (There are so many colors available now!)
 **Check out Rust-Oleum Brand - Chalkboard Tint Base- 12 COLORS TO PICK FROM!

  • Figure out what cabinet, or cabinet wall you'd like to use. * Consider the side of the kitchen island, this is a great space for the kids to practice their artwork, and you can keep an eye on them while you cook!** I chose a side cabinet wall, nice and long and a totally unused space.
  • Give it a good scrub down with the TSP, this removes the built up grease, and any other grit on the area.
  • After its dried a little, tape off any area you don't want to get chalkboard paint on.
  • Put a nice layer of primer on, don't get crazy... you just need enough to cover the cabinets. 
Most primers need about 2 hours to really dry, depending on the time of year and where you live, this may vary a bit.
  • When the primer is dry, you are READY TO PAINT! Have Fun, mix it up, maybe try a couple different colors, or paint a pattern. Whatever you choose, just make sure to let it dry in between applications, and do a couple coats. **Follow the manufacturers directions on the can. 
THAT'S IT! You can add some mouldings around it if you'd like, and maybe some fun sayings, vinyl lettering.

Quick, Easy & an Inexpensive way to add some unique personality to your space!



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