Apr 8, 2011

Our First Edition of T Party's PEEPS-Spotlight Interview w/Jessica Mitchell Photography

  {Happy Friday!}

It's an exciting day! I'm pleased to bring you, the first edition of~
T Party's Peeps!
Spotlight Interviews, with some of our creative & fun-tastic readers!
Our first interview is with the extremely talented & fun, Jessica Mitchell of

I met Jessica when she bought a few of my 
talk-bubble chalkboards from my Etsy shop, to use in an photo shoot. I became a "fan" of hers on facebook, and started to follow her post. Each time she posted a picture, I LOVED it more than her last. Her photos are whimsical and aesthetically pleasing. I know you will get a kick out of her work as much as I do. Jessica lives in Alabama, and is married with two beautiful children.

Here is our conversation:

How long have you been working with photography?What originally sparked your interest in photography? *My father bought me my first camera when I was 15. I fell in love with capturing moments in my life that I know I'd want to re-live later on in life :)
* I've been doing Professional Photography for 10 1/2 years now!! Wow I feel old saying that.. LOL!

If you could live anywhere in this awesome planet where would you build your dream home?
*Hm...that's a good one. I'll go with Tennessee. I absolutely *love* the mountains and all they have to offer in scenery and tranquility. And.. it's not too far away from home :)

What is it about photography that appeals to you?
*Photography is a way to re-live those special moments in your life. Whether it is the birth of a child to first-time parents, Senior Portraits, or even that long-awaited Wedding Day. Your Portraits are one of the only things that can take you back to that exact moment in time.

 You shoot a range of material; tell us about your work, and your style?
*I love everything about Photography! There is not a moment in someone's life that I don't want to help capture. My latest obsession is Newborns. They are just so pure and full of love. I have also decided to take the BIG leap and start doing Weddings this year! I've been going back and forth on this idea for about 3 years now, and finally decided this is the year. So far I've got one booked every month until June! What a way to start off :)
My style. Hm... Well, I love capuring "the" moment. I love the silly faces that kids give when they don't realize I'm still clicking away, the special smile that newly engaged couples exchange, and the first kiss as husband and wife.  I'm all about doing a few "posed" shots, but what I love even more is letting each client be themself.

What adjectives do you use to describe your photography? 
*Creative, Fun,Different, Natural

What would you suggest to people just beginning with photography, particularly for those hoping to follow in your footsteps?
* Practice, Practice, Practice! You can NEVER know everything about Photography.. it's just not possible. Do what you love, and as long as you enjoy it.. it will show in your work.

Do you have a "funniest moment" during a shoot, that you would like to share?
*Let me start this by saying this... when you shoot Newborns.. you have to be prepared for EVERYTHING! So during a recent Newborn shoot, I was in the middle of posing this little rascal, when all of sudden I started smelling something.. I look down and he had pooped all over me! All down my shirt/pants... it was everywhere!!! Thank goodness my studio is at my house, so after all the laughter and jokes I took a 5 minute break to change clothes! Like I said, you have to be prepared for anything! LOL :)

TOP 3!~
 I asked Jessica to share her 3 favorite shots, I'm also including my Top 3 shots of Jessica's!

Please share with us your top 3 favorite shots you've done EVER, and tell us why they are your FAVs! 
This just so happens to be my daughter! It was one of her MANY Newborn shots that I just can't stop looking at.
This family was AMAZING! Completely hilarious through-out the whole shoot. When you find out you're going to be shooting multiple kids and you realize they are all under 5... you get the "oh boy" feeling.. But this was nothing like that! We had a blast!
This is just one of those moments, where I said, "ok, we're done... you guys start heading back and I'll follow". And Viola! Such a pure and simple moment that says so much!

Here are MY TOP 3...
You all know how I feel about my PUPS, this just tugs at my heart!

No words are needed!

LOVE this lil' one, she looks so peaceful, and I would CHERISH this photo forever if this was my baby!
Any upcoming events at Jessica Mitchell Photography to watch out for?
Yes! I am completely booked until June already! So, be on the lookout for some Amazing Previews

Where can we find you?
*Blog: jessicamitchellphotography.blogspot.com
( I have to admit that I don't update this as often as I should. But I'm definitely working on it.)
Email: jessicamitchellphotography@yahoo.com
Fb: Jessica Mitchell Photography
Website: jessicamitchellphotography.com

I hope you have all enjoyed our look into the fascinating world of a photographer! I've always been intrigued by photography and would love to learn the craft....maybe someday, huh?! 
I'd like to thank Jessica for sharing her beautiful work with us all, I'm hoping there are some new photographers out there that can learn something from this interview with a seasoned veteran of the photography world! 

Look for upcoming editions of T Party's PEEPS, coming soon!

Apr 4, 2011

Tatertots and Jello: Decorating with Friends is always more Fun! {painted rug project}

{Fun Rug Project, from Tatertots & Jello!}

Love this! Super fun & EASY project, that will look expensive when you are done! I think this would be great to put an Easter twist on! Check it out at:

Springtime Giveaway Winners Announced!

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Spring Giveaway w/Barn Owl Primitives-Winners Coming Soon!

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Apr 2, 2011

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