May 21, 2011

{Garden Gratification!}

Getting the Best Blooms for a few Bucks!

Do you LOVE gardening?  I do! So I wanted to share some of my flowers with you!
I love the feeling of accomplishment I get, when last years- 
"blood, sweat & tears," shows in the form of thriving, rescued begonias!
When we bought our "dream home" last Spring, I went to work on the twelve garden beds! With a new mortgage, and a house much larger than our last to fill with furniture- my budget was tight to say the least. 
So, as always.... I had to use my resources.
I started by relocating some of the plants/flowers that were in the back, that I wanted to showcase in the front yard. Our new house is beautiful, but totally lacked "curb appeal!" I also wanted to use some of the spaces in a different way, so by simply moving stuff around, it was like getting a whole garden of new plants.
  Another great way to save is by "adopting" some of the poor lil' plants in the discount bin at Lowe's. I've had such good luck, giving new life to these cast-offs. Most of these are marked about 75% off, so what do you have to lose? With a little nourishment & love, these plants with thrive.
 Plant propagation is a fun & FREE way to multiply your blooms! The internet is full of information, videos and pictures, to teach you everything you need to know about multiplying your favorite plants.
Better Homes & Gardens, has GREAT INFO

I get a lot of my information from my Better Homes & Gardens magazine, as well as You can find a full list of supplies, along with complete instructions.

Last but not least, for garden savings is the "clearance items" in on-line garden suppliers!  I personally love SPRING HILL NURSERIES, and I signed up for email notifications. I just received a shipment of plants, trees, and flowers- that were ALL 75% off the regular price!  Including a peony that I have been wanting for a year, but was too cheap to shell out the $50 for! 
Last year, I got four amazing hydrangea bushes that are doing very well! Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite, and I can't wait to see them bloom this year!

So get out there, use your resources, and get your hands dirty! I'd love to see you garden pictures, so please share! 

 xoxo, Jen