Mar 31, 2011

4 Days Left to Enter Our Giveaway w/ Barn Owl Primitives!

{Happy Thursday!}
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We've got some sweet swag for you from 
Barn Owl Primitives & From Junk to JENius

Kristi, the highly talented owner of BOP, is generously giving away a divine~
Medium sized, distressed,
 to ONE of our readers! 

Since I'm in such a cheerful mood, I'll be throwing in a gift from T Party Designs', shop~
I will be giving ONE of our readers a  
 Choose ANY 3- "Chalk-Bubbles" you'd like!
These are great fun for photo shoots, or just to have around the house! They also make a great gift. 
 Chalk-Bubble fun...

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**Remember, this Giveaway is for 
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**Don't enter your contest info on this post- make sure to enter your info on the official giveaway post (link above) as those entries are the ones we will choose from**
{Have a GREAT DAY, Y'all!} 

Mar 29, 2011

Inside Etsy: Store Owner Interviews- Great Business Tool for Etsy Shop Owners

This is a really FUN & interesting NEW Etsy Blog, from Etsy Shop Owner-
Mamma Melly Martin.  
Mamma Melly Martin Shop Owner, Melinda
Melinda is a very talented writer, she occasionally writes pieces for Handmadeology, which is
another great source out there for Etsians. She is a very talented & generous lady! If you get a second, swing by her new blog: INSIDE Etsy: Store Owner Interviews and check it out. Being a new Etsy shop owner myself, I'm always looking for information to help me improve my business and this is one of the sites I visit most.

Mar 28, 2011

Springtime Giveaway w/Barn Owl Primitives!

I'm very excited today & happy to announce our very FIRST giveaway, at  T Party Designs!
It's time to celebrate with our 
We've got some sweet swag for you from 
Barn Owl Primitives & From Junk to JENius

Barn Owl Primitives has been one of my favorite Etsy Shops, ever since I found it! I was lucky enough to win one of their "Ah"-mazingly cute~ Keep Calm & Carry On, signs. Which has been a favorite saying of mine for a while.
I think I have four or five of them around my house!
Well, you are All in for a TREAT, because Kristi, the highly talented owner of BOP, is generously giving away a divine~
Medium sized, distressed,
 to ONE of our readers! 

But, if you are anything like me...
You're gonna want one of EVERYTHING from her shop! 

Not only are they adorable but, 
The quality of it is AMAZING
- thick solid wood
- durable paint job
- and get this...NO VINYL it is all PAINTED!!!
- vintage, distressed style
- complete with a hook for hanging
- the PERFECT size
-Great Customer Service, fun to work with
 Here is just a sampling of her work:



BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!  Since I'm in such a cheerful mood, I'll be throwing in a gift from T Party Designs', shop~
From Junk to JENius! 
I will be giving ONE of our readers a  
 Choose ANY 3- "Chalk-Bubbles" you'd like!
These are great fun for photo shoots, or just to have around the house! They also make a great gift. 
 Chalk-Bubble fun...

(You can enter up to EIGHT times, 
leave a separate comment for each entry)
**Please remember-this contest is for T PARTY DESIGNS followers ONLY** 

1. Hop on over to  Barn Owl Primitives   & From Junk to JENius-- heart their etsy shop, while you are there take a look around. Come back and let me know the name of your favorite item! two entries.

2. Become a facebook fan of Barn Owl Primitives & T Party Designs. Where you can find out about their new designs, specials and giveaways!! two entries.

3. Become a Public Follower of T Party Designs BLOG. 
one entry. 

4.   Blog about this giveaway.  
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5. Mention this giveaway on Facebook , Please mention "SPRINGTIME GIVEAWAY w/T Party Designs & Barn Owl Primitives"     
 (come back here and leave a link)one entry each.

Good Luck!!!
Contest ends on Sunday night, I will announce the winners on Monday morning.


Mar 26, 2011

Tips on Organizing Your Office/Work Space

Spring Time is here! You know what that means... SPRING CLEANING! Time to get ORGANIZED. If you are like me, your desk/ work space often looks like a "bomb went off!" Here are some tips to tackle that clutter, and start anew.

5 Tips to ORGANIZE Your Home Office

Whether you work at a corner of the dining room table, in the spare bedroom or in your own private office, staying organized can pose one of your biggest challenges as an entrepreneur. Many of us let filing and organizing go during busy times and think we'll deal with everything when we "have time." But beware of the clutter trap; it can truly take on a life of its own. A messy desk and chaotic filing system siphons off your time, energy, focus and productivity. Here are some tips for getting organized and staying that way in your home office.
  1. Attack That Pile of "Stuff"
    If you're starting out with an intimidating pile of stuff on and around your desk, don't despair. Take a deep breath and devote a small amount of time -- half an hour -- daily to sifting through it. This makes the job more manageable, and if you stick to the discipline of doing a little each day, you WILL reach the end of the stack.
  2. Throw Out Those Old Papers
    As you go through your stacks of paper, piles of files, mountains of magazines and so forth, ask yourself: Do I need this? Why? What happens to it next? Where will I look for it when I want it? (Not where should I put it). No filing system is good if you can't remember where you put things.
    If you tend to save papers because you aren't sure whether or not you'll need them again, create a two-step trash system. I use a large wastebasket to toss anything I think I'm through with but not totally sure about. I keep another, smaller container for papers and other items that I'm sure are "trash." Empty your large basket only every few weeks; that way, you can retrieve anything you decide you shouldn't part with. Don't forget to put banana peels and other pungent disposables into the container that gets emptied frequently.

  1. Keep Often-Used Items at Close Range
    Items you use daily belong on your desk. Your computer, pens, calendar, message pad and anything else that's part of your daily routine can stay. Other items such as Scotch tape, stapler, calculator, writing paper and so on should be stored in your desk drawer -- handy to get at, but not in the way when you don't need them.
  2. Don't Store Supplies in Your Desk
    Fax and computer paper, extra pens, file folders and the like can be put in a cabinet across the room. I have a shelf over my desk for reference books I reach for frequently. They're always at hand but never in the way.
  3. Don't Mix Business and Pleasure
    Don't keep household paperwork such as bills, catalogs, vacation brochures and other personal items where they can distract you. Blending business and personal work at your desk is usually distracting rather than efficient.
Once you've worked your way through these tips, you will have a work space that makes you look forward to getting down to business every day. Good luck!

Article from iVillage
From Author, Kirsten M. Lagatree

It's time to get organized! 
This weekend only MARCH 26TH & 27TH, 2011
From Junk to JENius' Etsy Shop

All Memo Centers, Upcycled Chalkboards & Home Decor have been marked down to 50% of their original price. CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!
**Sale does NOT include, Talk-Bubble Chalkboards, or any Items that are custom made. 
No need for a coupon code, just hop on over and shop!

Mar 25, 2011

Photo Prop -A Palooza!

Photo Prop -a Palooza! Wow, what a week this has been! I've been having such a great time with all my photographer customers! I'm getting so many amazing photos back with my Talk-Bubble Chalkboards in them. Using chalkboards in photography is a growing trend right now, and it's one that I love! So I just wanted to thank all my new photography clients, and I'll be doing a fun "SPOT-LIGHT" on them this weekend. They are just SO talented and I have to share ALL their work with you... stay tuned! 

Thank you to Myles Greggory Photography for these amazing shots!

Mar 24, 2011

Spring Cleaning, Fun Kitchen Cabinet Make-Over!

Spring time is such a great time of year! It's starting to warm up outside, but not too hot yet. This is also, the time of year that we attempt to get organized! Maybe some spring cleaning & finishing up some of your house project "To-Do's." Here's a quick & easy, Kitchen Cabinet Make-Over Ideas! Why not give yourself a whole wall of Chalkboard space!? With a couple of hours, and a small list of supplies, you can have a Custom Chalkboard, without a "custom" price tag!

  • TSP, or other gentle cleaner
  • Good Primer like Kilz
  • Edging Paint Brush
  • Paint Pan, liner & roller
  • Painters tape
  • Can of Chalkboard Paint (There are so many colors available now!)
 **Check out Rust-Oleum Brand - Chalkboard Tint Base- 12 COLORS TO PICK FROM!

  • Figure out what cabinet, or cabinet wall you'd like to use. * Consider the side of the kitchen island, this is a great space for the kids to practice their artwork, and you can keep an eye on them while you cook!** I chose a side cabinet wall, nice and long and a totally unused space.
  • Give it a good scrub down with the TSP, this removes the built up grease, and any other grit on the area.
  • After its dried a little, tape off any area you don't want to get chalkboard paint on.
  • Put a nice layer of primer on, don't get crazy... you just need enough to cover the cabinets. 
Most primers need about 2 hours to really dry, depending on the time of year and where you live, this may vary a bit.
  • When the primer is dry, you are READY TO PAINT! Have Fun, mix it up, maybe try a couple different colors, or paint a pattern. Whatever you choose, just make sure to let it dry in between applications, and do a couple coats. **Follow the manufacturers directions on the can. 
THAT'S IT! You can add some mouldings around it if you'd like, and maybe some fun sayings, vinyl lettering.

Quick, Easy & an Inexpensive way to add some unique personality to your space!



Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special

Mar 23, 2011

Pay It Forward!

 Have you ever noticed when you give to others, that you get back more than you could ever hope for!?  I've always believed in helping life, in business, in general! Since I've opened my Etsy Shop, and started selling my chalkboards, I've met such an amazing group of creative & giving business women, that believe in exactly the same principles! I'm always "Google-ing" to learn, research & soak up as much "business" type info as possible. Sometimes you come across the most helpful & talented people. One of my favorite blogs of late is Bloggity, Blog, Blog, Blog & Handmadology. They are both chalked full of great info. It's so refreshing to see people who are willing to help, without asking for anything back in return. I know it makes me want to do the same. So if you are feeling in a "business rut" or just need some help... HELP someone else, and I bet you, you will get more than you can believe back!
Find this print at MamaMellyMartin Etsy Shop

Mar 19, 2011

FUN New Animal Treasury on Etsy

Check Out this adorable group of Animal offerings at Etsy in my J'adore Animals Treasury.