Oct 27, 2010

Two Jens DO make a RIGHT!

Almost done with the Powder room makeover, but I had to stop and share my new piece of artwork I made especially for it. These subway signs are all the rage right now, and I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE them! My sign features streets that we've been to, lived on, have visited & DREAM to visit one day!
The first time I laid eyes on these lil' gems was on the amazing Tatertots & Jello Blog,
b.t.w- you MUST check it out, click here. I have Jen, @ Tatertots & Jello, to thank for my inspiration for this sign AND for my sudden NEED to finish my powder room in the first place.
She just shared AH-dorable bathroom & laundry room makeovers using the
batten & board application, that I am now doing in mine!
They say "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"- Well then, Jen should be
super-duper flattered, because I can't wait to finish all the projects that she has shared.
In this case....Two Jens DO make a right!

I'll post a tutorial on "my version" of subway art soon, but for now I've got to get back to the Powder room!



  1. Just found your blog. Lovin' it! You have awesome ideas! Can't wait to read more. Newest follower :)

  2. That's awesome..I love that you used the combination of streets you've visited, want to visit, etc...very neat!

  3. You are a riot, I love me some humor in a blog!

    I really dig the subway art and have wanted to make one of my own, with all of the beaches I spent my childhood on. But, I'm a woosy-- I'm scared to just go at this project. I mean, how about the font? Do you use stencils or sponge letters, do you make the stencils, etc. ect.... I'm glad you'll be sharing a tute because yours came out like you weren't a woosy, but rather a seasoned subway art expert.

    Anyhow, can't wait to see your powder room. I am officially your 83rd follower. I'm off to stalk your blog now, tah-tah!

  4. Thanks Stephanie, you're a dang riot! I love your blog too. Thanks for coming by and checking it out!


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