Sep 30, 2010


A Surprise Baby Shower for the best friend a girl could ask for!

Opening presents, by the fire pit... it was a beautiful night!
Pregg-a-tini's... Non-alcoholic punch for the Mom to be!
Pool floats, to match the theme
An old planter box recycled into a water bucket!

Just wanted to share some pictures of Kasey's Surprise Baby Shower. I've never been to, or thrown, a night-time baby shower, but it was really nice. It was a pink, orange, yellow & ducky extravaganza, heehee. The colors were so vibrant, and you couldn't help to smile. Although it wasn't "fancy" (paper & plastic plates & cups) it all came together great. We started out the night with photos of Kasey with each of her guests. We made a Photo-Op area with BABY GIRL blocks, that were made from moving boxes covered in wrapping paper. We set the table "tuscan style" which made for a cozy feeling and great for conversation. We aren't big on baby shower games, so we opted for a Quilting Station... and all the guest wrote/drew a special message for the Mom-to-Be & baby, and they will all be sewn into a quilt as a gift for Kasey. The part I'm most proud of for the whole event was the DESSERT BUFFET! I've always wanted to create one, and LOVE the way it came out. When it was time for dessert we also made up a batch of mini "MILF-shakes" served in shot glasses with a straw and passed them out on a serving tray. They were a big hit! We ended the night with opening the presents by the fire pit. We had twinkle lights in the trees and the fire going, and the pool light was even set to PINK! It was a great night, and I'm so proud that my best friend Pauline & I could make such a great night for our BFF Kasey!

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