May 28, 2010

It's Party Time around here....

Seems like I've gone from party to party in the past two months. I've had more parties in our new house since we moved in, in March, then I did in years at our old house. Just wanted to share some pictures from John's Birthday. What a special day it was! First of all, John's parents & sister got to see our new house for the first time, so that alone was wonderful. Then I surprise John with his best friend, from when he was six. He hadn't seen him since 1989! I found him and he agreed to come, it was a great surprise, and it was so fun to listen to them catch up after all these years! I also surprised him by inviting old friends and co-workers that we never get to see enough. Time & life just go by too fast, and even though you always think of your friends, it seems there is just NOT enough time to do so. This was definitely one of those parties that is worth all the time, money & effort. NOBODY deserves it more than my husband!

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