Oct 18, 2010

MONDAY FUNDAY! Halloween Crafts on a BUDGET!

Who says Mondays have to be blue?
This time of year is my favorite, and I thought I would share some fun, inexpensive Halloween/Harvest craft projects that you can do. Cute ways to add a little pizazz to your holiday decorations, and your little ones can craft with you. I think there is something really special about "making memories" with your kids and crafting together is the PERFECT way to do it!
The $ Tree has become one of my new favorite places to support my "crafting habit!"
I picked up a few (ok, so I bought about TEN) of these foam pumpkins, and with a few craft items you probably already have- you can transform them into fun deco's!

The $ Tree also carries a wide variety of really cute holiday ribbons.
Walmart is also a great place for ribbons and other craft items on the "cheap"...

Now, here are a few of my "MUST HAVE-CRAFT STAPLES" that I always keep on hand...
MOD PODGE is a must for me! I LOVE it and it has SO many uses... It comes in many different varieties and can be used as just a glue or as a finish or sealer! I try to use my weekend Joanne's coupon when I want to buy it, and I get it in the biggest bottle I can find. But if you don't have any MOD PODGE, and you just HAVE to craft right this second- then you can also use any white glue you have around the house & just water it down a bit!
ALEENE'S tacky glue is another "staple" I ALWAYS have on hand! But any white glue will do.

I LOVE CRAFT PENS....these are SO useful for many products and you can pick them up at the $ Tree, Walmart, Joanne's or any craft store.
My absolute FAV is the Elmer's PAINTERS....
They come in combo packs- 5 pens for about $14 (Joanne's coupon baby!) or you can pick just one color for about $3.50
SO.... for our LIL PUMPKIN MAKE-OVERS the options are endless!
This is what I came up with...

With a little M.P. and some left over party napkins cut down to size, this pumpkin is lookin' pretty sassy! I also painted some white polka dots with my paint pen.
You can also use holiday ribbon, in any pattern for a cute look!

For this one, I found a cute Halloween picture in a magazine! Magazines are a great source for your "M.P.ing" obsession. I also used my CRICUT to cut our name, and added some silk leaves. **If you don't have a CRICUT- you can paint your name on with a paint pen or cut some letters out of cute paper!**

You've GOT to spread the holiday cheer to the front of the house as well, so for these pumpkins I used my paint pens and added some cute animal print! I'm a little crazy about zebra & leopard print! SO CA-UTE!
If you are going to put these outside ( and I HIGHLY suggest you do!) Make sure to coat them with some Clear Gloss paint, to protect them from the elements.

I love KRYLON brand spray paint the best, for two reasons...
1. You can buy it at Walmart, its a GREAT product and inexpensive.
2. It has a really nice spray nozzle! When you spray paint as much as I do, this is important!

This is the perfect time to make these lil gems! There is about 3 isles of Halloween candy at the $TREE right now...so grab a couple bags of your fav's. Then find yourself a few glass votives, or you can use whatever container you like; buckets, tall glasses, plastic tubs, etc....
I pulled all the candy out of the wrappers (and saved it, minus what I ate! for a "candy wreath" project, coming soon!) and I cut the wrappers so that none of the printing, besides the candy logo were showing. Then just start M.P.'ing! **Glue them all into place, then let them dry pretty well (a few hours) then add another layer, or two of M.P. and voila! These also make great HOSTESS GIFTS for any Halloween Parties you may be going to.

So that's it for MONDAY FUNDAY! Hope you try some of these out.... send me pics & post some comments if you do!


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  2. Love your Halloween pumpkins! I'm a new follower. :)



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