Sep 3, 2012

Time for some FALL FUN- Inexpensive Fall Decor & Craft Ideas!

I was at the $ Tree this weekend, and I noticed they were already putting their Halloween/Fall stuff out! It got me in the mood for some FALL CRAFTING...So I wanted to share this post from last year with you. Enjoy!
I love this time of year, and I am truly the happiest AND most grateful, I've ever been! I'm always "crafting" it seems, but lately... I'm in "CRAFTING OVERDRIVE!" We just bought our dream house in March and from the first time I laid eyes on this beauty, I KNEW that decorating it for the holidays was going to be SO much fun! But with the new mortgage, I've tried to be careful about my crafting expenses. So "repurposing" has become the name of the game around here! Now- the cheaper I can make it...the MORE I seem to love it.  I wanted to share two of my latest little projects that I made... hope you enjoy!

Here's how I did it...

These were an adorable addition to the front porch Halloween decorations, but I thought I could
 Re-Reuse them for my topiary!

Then I did some more rummaging around, and came up with these...

**NOTE- For plastic, you MUST use primer made for plastic**
 If you don't, the spray paint will chip off, and then you'll start to cry and then nobody's happy! 
 The pumpkins also got a coat of primer, to cover the pattern that was on them. 
How does the saying go? "She who has the MOST spray paint WINS!?" 

Then I went thru my left over ribbons, and fall accoutrement, and "prettied" her up!
I love the way it came out, and the best part was FREE! 

What do you have laying around the house that you could "Revamp?" I bet you have more than you realize. Try it for yourself, and share the pictures with me... I'd love to see them. 
Have an amazing day! 

Jan 4, 2012

Recycled Christmas Bulb Ornament Wreath...


When Christmastime gets hectic.... I just envision myself at the Target "after Christmas sale!" It's become a tradition of mine the last couple of years. This year I concentrated just bulbs! I LOVE the new, shatterproof bulbs that are available now, especially since they don't break! 
  I've spent the last week collecting these bulbs from just about every store that has xmas decor! 
I'm planning on making Christmas bulb WREATHS, GARLANDS & SWAGS!  This is one I've just made, it is a late xmas gift for a friend.

So I wanted to share it with you all... More fun pics and projects to come!

Happy 2012, 

Nov 14, 2011

LOVE Letters...

It's been like Santa's Workshop around here lately! Lots of fun letters & stuff. I thought I'd share a few of my latest projects with Y'all!

Sep 30, 2011

Fall- It's the MOST Wonderful Time of the Year!

Happy Fall Y'all.... For me, there is nothing better than this time of year! The air, is much cooler, the trees are changing colors, and I LOVE the sound of football on the tv! So many NEW & Exciting things are happening at T Party Designs, my etsy shop is growing and I'm having such a great time.

This next couple of months will bring lots of change, including a new warehouse/office space (my DH, gets his garage back!)  New company name & branding~ we will be blending the two companies; T Party Designs, which started as my baking business... and "From Junk to Jenius" My Upcycling/ Decor business, will be blended into one new brand, Jennie Lynne. Including a whole new website;, which will include EVERYTHING from my baking items, party decor & home furnishings. Wheew, makes me tired just thinking about it.

We are also gearing up for this years "Holiday Boutique"- my 2nd annual, which will include offerings from so many of my talented friends!

I'll keep you all updated as we go! I hope you've all had fun prepping for the Holidays and all the fun projects that come with it. I know I have. Here's a few of my latest projects, I wanted to share with you!

Happy Harvest! Jen

Jun 13, 2011

Weekend Inspiration!

{Happy Monday Y'all!}
I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I worked thru ALL of mine- but no complaints. I've been very inspired lately and have been working on a lot of new ideas and designs.

Have an Amazing Week!
NEW- Double Sided Chalkboards... great for any occasion!

May 21, 2011

{Garden Gratification!}

Getting the Best Blooms for a few Bucks!

Do you LOVE gardening?  I do! So I wanted to share some of my flowers with you!
I love the feeling of accomplishment I get, when last years- 
"blood, sweat & tears," shows in the form of thriving, rescued begonias!
When we bought our "dream home" last Spring, I went to work on the twelve garden beds! With a new mortgage, and a house much larger than our last to fill with furniture- my budget was tight to say the least. 
So, as always.... I had to use my resources.
I started by relocating some of the plants/flowers that were in the back, that I wanted to showcase in the front yard. Our new house is beautiful, but totally lacked "curb appeal!" I also wanted to use some of the spaces in a different way, so by simply moving stuff around, it was like getting a whole garden of new plants.
  Another great way to save is by "adopting" some of the poor lil' plants in the discount bin at Lowe's. I've had such good luck, giving new life to these cast-offs. Most of these are marked about 75% off, so what do you have to lose? With a little nourishment & love, these plants with thrive.
 Plant propagation is a fun & FREE way to multiply your blooms! The internet is full of information, videos and pictures, to teach you everything you need to know about multiplying your favorite plants.
Better Homes & Gardens, has GREAT INFO

I get a lot of my information from my Better Homes & Gardens magazine, as well as You can find a full list of supplies, along with complete instructions.

Last but not least, for garden savings is the "clearance items" in on-line garden suppliers!  I personally love SPRING HILL NURSERIES, and I signed up for email notifications. I just received a shipment of plants, trees, and flowers- that were ALL 75% off the regular price!  Including a peony that I have been wanting for a year, but was too cheap to shell out the $50 for! 
Last year, I got four amazing hydrangea bushes that are doing very well! Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite, and I can't wait to see them bloom this year!

So get out there, use your resources, and get your hands dirty! I'd love to see you garden pictures, so please share! 

 xoxo, Jen